Foam & Padding

Foam and foam padding is often used under compression bandages and wraps to evenly distribute compression. Padding can also be used to target problem areas of hardened or fibrotic tissue. Padding is available in rolls (like bandages) or in targeted pads. Both are reusable, but serve different purposes.
Pads, Chip Pads, Swell Spots and Pit Paks

We offer a wide variety of specialized pads to be used under compression bandaging as well as regular clothing items. These pads are designed to target specific areas of swelling and fibrotic tissue, and are filled with different materials.  We recommend that you speak with your physical or occupational therapist to decide which style of pad is best for your treatment. Swell Spots and Chip Pads are filled with soft pieces of foam to gently massage and stimulate the skin and lymphatic system. The Jovi PitPaks are filled with cherry pits, and can be useful in breaking up stubborn areas of fibrosis. The PitPaks should only be used with the supervision of a medical professional.