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Cellona Synthetic Padding

Rolls of padding for use in compression bandaging. This padding is self-adhesive for easy application.


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Cellona makes excellent padding and cushion in multi-layer compression bandaging. Soft and elastic, it conforms to body contours and forms a smooth surface. The 100% polyester fibers adhere to each other, which helps prevent slippage. Cellona is air-permeable and does not retain moisture. This padding is especially useful around the heel, knee or elbow.

Size Options:

  • 4 cm x 3 m (1.6 in x 3.3 yd) 9 rolls per box
  • 6 cm x 3 m (2.4 in x 3.3 yd) 6 rolls per box
  • 10 cm x 3 m (4 in x 3.3 yd) 4 rolls per box
  • 15 cm x 3 m (6 in x 3.3 yd) 3 rolls per box



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